The Maxwell team was eager to implement a Research Data Project as a part of the digital contents hosted by and made available from the system. In 2013, an application was submitted to FAPERJ – Fundação Carlos Chagas Filho de Apoio à Pesquisa do Estado do Rio de Janeiro ( in order to obtain funding to support the activities of an undergraduate student to work on the topic. The support was granted to Ms. Rayanne Gonçalves de Souza (grant E-26/160.005/2014), an undergraduate engineering student, to start working in July 2014.

Ms. de Souza did a thorough research about Research Data Management and related topics, handed out a survey and compile all results. She was also involved with the modelling of the metadata set of elements necessary to support Research Data so that the ones not in use on the system were added. She ended her work by programming the code to become part of the Maxwell System.

On June 01, 2015 the first dataset was published. After this date, others followed. They are results of theses & dissertations, senior projects and research that authors want to share.